Monthly Archive: September 2014

My Old, Corrupted Nature

High maintenance and unpredictable.  That’s the best way to describe me these days.  I’m a far cry from the old, predictable, plain vanilla Jeff that my wife grew used to.  These days, there is nothing predictable about me. Photo by melalouise;…
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My Motive for Breathing

 I’ve wrapped up another trip to Houston.  This is my third time since going home after the transplant.  The planning and logistics have become fairly routine.  I stay at the same place, take generally the same flights, see the same…
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The Gift of Suffering?

I like gifts as much as the next person.  After twelve years of marriage, my dear wife knows me well, so birthdays and Christmas bring some of my favorite things, namely coffee and gift cards to Best Buy or iTunes. …
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